Tuesday, February 17, 2015

02/17/15 ~ City of Blue Mound City Council Meeting

The City Council of the City of Blue Mound will hold a Regular City Council Meeting Tuesday, February 17, 2015 in the City Hall Council Chambers at 301 Blue Mound Road at 7:00 P.M. for the following agenda:

  • Call to Order / Invocation / Mayor Hooks Update on Local Water & Sewer Utility System

  • Discuss and Consider Republic Services Annual Rate Modification of 3% for Residential Services and 7.75% for Industrial Services Effective March 1, 2015.

  • Discuss and Consider Resolution 15-02 Adopting Financial Policies Providing for Prudent Financial Management of all Funds to Enable the City to Maintain a Long Term Stable and Positive Financial Condition and Provide Guidelines for the Planning and Operation of the City’s Financial and Debt Related Matters; and Providing an Effective Date

  •    Discuss and Consider Resolution 15-03 of the City Council of the City of Blue Mound, Texas Appointing the Membership of the Governing Body of the City as the Blue Mound Crime Control and Prevention District Board of Directors.


            Crime Control and Prevention District Board of Directors to Vote on an Order Calling an
            Election to Determine Whether the Blue Mound Crime Control and Prevention District
            should be Continued for 20 Years and the Crime Control and Prevention Sales Tax
            should be Continued for 20 Years.


  • Discuss and Consider Resolution 15-04 of the City of Blue Mound Texas Calling and Ordering a General Election and a Special Election to be held on Saturday, May 9th, 2015; Approving a Joint Contract with Tarrant County for Election Services; Designating a Polling Place; Authorizing the Tarrant County Elections Administrator to Appoint an Election Judge and an Alternative Judge; Providing for Notice of Election; Providing for Early Voting; and Providing an Effective Date.

  • Discuss and Consider Ordinance 495 Amending the 2014-2015 Budget of the City of Blue Mound, Texas; and Providing an Effective date

  • Discuss and Consider Resolution 15-05 Expressing Official Intent to Reimburse Costs of Acquisition and Improvement of a Water System

  • Discuss and Consider Departmental Monthly Reports for January, 2015

    A.  Police calls, arrests, and warrants totals
    B.  Fire local and mutual aid calls and training totals
       C.  Library visitors, books and materials loaned totals
       D.  Community center, visitors, events, and activities totals
       E.  Public Works

  • Discuss and Consider Approval of January, 2015 Accounts Payable

  • Discuss and Consider Approval of January 20, 2015 Meeting Minutes

  • Citizens Participation (Limit to 3 Minutes – Complete Speakers request form and Submit to City Secretary before start of meeting)

  • Adjourn

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