Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Notice of Public Hearing Substandard Building/ Structure- February 23, 2021





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT ON FEBRUARY 23rd, 2021 the Building Board of Appeals for the City of Blue Mound will hold a public hearing to determine if the residential structure and all accessory structures (the "buildings") located on the following described property are dilapidated, substandard, and/or a hazard to the public health, safety and welfare and must be demolished.


Lot 39, Block 4, Saginaw Park Addition

More commonly known as:

120 Collins Court


Upon information and belief, the property owner is:


Juan Daniel Guerrero

Patricio Ibarra

729 Globe

Blue Mound, TX 76131



The time and location of the hearing is as follows:


Blue Mound City Hall
Council Chambers
301 S. Blue Mound Rd.
Blue Mound , Texas 76131
At 7:30 P.M.

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